Why male penis not considered as cartilage?

Why male penis not considered as cartilage?

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Penis don't have bone like ears & nose, then why why male penis not considered as cartilage?

feel the tip of your nose. Mush it around, It's got a certain stale gummy bear feeling to it. Now feel your ears, all over. The outer edge, the back, the hard part in the front where the ear meets the face. Feel your adam's apple. This is cartilege.

When you feel your penis, does anything even feel close? Nope. It's just soft. Soft tissue, to be precise.

When stimulated, there are comparmemts within the penis which engorge with blood.

When they fill up with blood, the penis gets hard. That's all there is to it. No bones, no cartelidge.

If you have any questions, noe's the time to ask.

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