Science experiments at home with Minimal Cost

Science experiments at home with Minimal Cost

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What is a good recipe for making agar at home for a minimal cost? Are there materials that could be found in the kitchen cabinet?

Instructions 1 Place a coffee filter in a strainer and hang the strainer over the opening of the clear bowl.

2 Slowly pour the broth into the filter, making sure that the broth doesn't overflow from the sides of the filter. If the filter becomes clogged with particles, remove the used filter, replace with a clean filter and continue pouring the broth.

3 Remove the strainer and filter from the top of the bowl and observe whether the broth appears clear (i.e., there are no suspended particles in the liquid). If particles are floating in the liquid, repeat Steps 1 and 2 using a second clear bowl and a fresh coffee filter.

4 Place the pot on the stove and pour the clear broth into the pot.

5 Add 16 ounces of distilled water to the pot containing the broth.

6 Turn on the stove and adjust the heat to medium-low. Heat the broth to a simmer (i.e., small bubbles appear near the side of the pot).

7 Add 1 teaspoon of the agar-agar powder to the simmering broth (approximately 2.5 grams) and stir the mixture until the powder is dissolved. Make sure to stir the powder to dissolve and prevent the gelatin from sinking to the bottom of the pot (where it can burn).

8 Repeat Step 7 until all agar-agar powder has been dissolved in the broth.

9 Continue stirring the broth for about 1 minute to ensure that all powder is completely dissolved.

10 Turn off the stove, place the lid on the pot and let the liquid cool for at least 15 minutes.

11 Arrange the sterile petri dishes in a row for easy assembly, but do not remove the lids.If desired, place a trivet to hold the warm pot. If you're using lidded custard cups instead of petri dishes, sterilize the custard cups by placing the cups and lids inverted (upside down) on a foil-covered cookie sheet and bake in the oven for at least one hour at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the sterilized cups and lids are completely cooled before use.

12 Carefully touch the outside of the pot to check that it is warm to the touch and place the pot on the trivet. If the pot is too hot to touch, wait at least 10 minutes to let the pot cool.

13 Remove the lid and set aside. Place the ladle in the pot.

14 Remove the lid from one petri dish and dispense nutrient broth to fill the dish halfway. Cover the dish immediately with its cover.

15 Repeat Step 14 for each of the petri dishes.

16 Allow the nutrient broth to solidify in the petri dishes for at least 1 hour, undisturbed.

17 Gently shake the petri dishes side to side to check that the nutrient broth has completely solidified. If the broth is not completely gelled, wait another 20 minutes before checking again.

18 Cover a table or flat surface with a roll of paper towels to create a sterile work area. Tear off a sheet of paper towel and fold it four times to create a thick, rectangular wad. Set this wad on one end of the work area.

19 Transfer one petri dish to the sterile work area and remove the lid. Carefully turn the dish over and place one end on the side of the folded wad, so that it lies inverted and slightly angled (with a slight gap by the paper towel wad).

20 Turn the lid over and place it above the petri dish on the sterile work surface. If water droplets appear on the lid, gently shake this moisture off before placing on the covered surface, but do not touch the inside of the lid.

21 Repeat Steps 19 and 20 for each petri dish, positioning one side of the inverted dish on the side of the previous dish rather than the paper towel wad. The dishes will appear as a staggered set, with gaps on one side so that excess moisture can evaporate.

22 Look at the inverted petri dishes to check whether the moisture on the sides of the plates evaporated. Once all moisture has cleared, turn the plates right-side up and immediately cover with the lids for use.

23 Inoculate the nutrient agar on the plate by wiping a swab containing the desired culture on the nutrient agar surface before covering with the lid. Turn the petri dish over so that the solid is on top. Store the inoculated petri dish with the solid on top for culturing and the lid on the bottom to catch any moisture, loose particles or growth.

10 Insanely Easy Ocean Science Experiments

Are you looking for some easy ocean science experiments? Don't want a ton of materials and spend tons of money and time gathering supplies for each experiment! Get excited, because we could be besties.

Here are the 10 ocean science experiments we did, for reals with our unit study.

Honesty time-- I lurv science and I lurv science experiments. I don't love getting them all together and buying the most random materials that I will NEVER use again, or have to specialty order and shipping costs more than the freaking product. And I'll NEVER use it again!! And we're eating beans for a month because we've blown our school budget.

So I love simple, easy, cheap experiments that teach the concept, let the kids learn and explore and get excited about the topic.

You'll see all the experiments we did, along with instructions, explanations, and pictures (when I remembered to take a few shots).

Like seriously, I forgot to take pictures of the density experiment, so I will re-do it just for you when the kids are sleeping. The sacrifices I make for those I love (that's you, in case you were wondering).

Skin Shield

The Science Lesson: How Your Skin Protects You Against Infection

So why exactly are we washing our hands so much? Our skin protects us from dangerous viruses, the COVID-19 virus included, so frequent hand-washing is important to stay healthy. In this experiment from Exploratorium's COVID-19 series, you'll poke holes in a tomato, then watch it for a week to see how bacteria and mold grow. The tomato will rapidly deteriorate for a dramatic lesson in just how helpful our skin is for protecting us. Best for kids ages 6-10 with parental supervision, and 11 and up independently.

10 Science Activities for Kids that are Easy to Set Up

How Many Paperclips?: This is a fun science experiment for the kids to try with some surprising results! This science activity for kids only requires a few things you most likely already have on hand.

Exploring Sound with a Hanger: This is another experiment on sound. All you will need is a hanger, some string, and some curiosity!

Baggie and Pencil Magic: This was one of my favorite science demonstrations to do as a classroom teacher. My kids were just as enthralled with it at home as my students used to be.

Colorful Chemical Reactions: Who doesn’t love baking soda and vinegar experiments? Lucy had a blast creating her own chemical reactions full of color!

Sink or Float: Children of any age really enjoy experimenting with sinking and floating. We took this activity outside so we could fully enjoy it without worrying about any mess.

Birdwatching Book for Kids</p> <p>Birdwatching Printable Book: We absolutely love birdwatching! Print out your own birdwatching book to keep at home or bring with you on road trips or walks to record all the birds you see!</p>

Need some help explaining the results
of these easy science experiments?

I explain what is going on in your experiments
on my simple science experiments explained page.

Warning - some of these experiments involve lit candles. ALWAYS supervise children around fire.

    Mix some pepper and coarse salt together and place on a flat surface. Blow up a balloon and rub it on your hair! Now hold it over the salt/pepper mix. The pepper will separate out and stick to the balloon. Do you know why?

Slime, Putty, and Oobleck Science Experiments for Kids

This soft, non-slimy putty even cleans your hands. Now that's a mom-approved science experiment.

26. You will be squeaky clean after creating this satisfying non-sticky putty by simply combining cornstarch and dish soap.

27. Whip up some Oobleck, a fascinating non-Newtonian fluid that can act like a solid or a liquid depending on certain conditions.

28. Microwave Ivory soap (or any soap that floats) to create a bizarre puffy soufflé.

PacSci Streaming Videos

Curiosity never closes, which is why we’re bringing your favorite PacSci experiences to you. Watch new butterflies emerge, try your hand at an at-home Tinker Tank activity, or watch a Live Science Show.

Live Science Shows

See experiments, theatrics, and tricks in action during one of PacSci’s Live Science Shows. See shows on PacSci Now or live with a rotating selection at the science center. Each promises to inspire curiosity, enlighten, and entertain people of all ages.

PacSci Now: Experiences On-Demand

PacSci Now: Experiences on Demand brings you into daily life at PacSci with behind-the-scenes content. See the butterflies flutter, listen to interviews with staff, try STEM activities, meet STEM professionals, and learn about a wide variety of scientific topics. Get to know the fun and quirky side of PacSci, while learning about scientific topics.

Early Childhood Explorations

Check out these fun ways for preschool aged kids and families to investigate science. Inspire your early learner’s curiosity with hands-on activities, dynamic, touchable exhibits, opportunities to experiment, and of course learn.

PacSci 360 °

Can you spot all the birds during their feeding frenzy as you navigate this series of 360° videos? Challenge yourself to find as many as you can while you discover how bird observations from curious minds like yours contribute to community science projects. Learn how to navigate these videos using this helpful how-to sheet!

Tinker Tank at Home

Design, build, test and repeat! Continue experimenting and innovating with Tinker Tank at Home. Check out these instructional videos of do-it-yourself activities. Build a milk carton boat, create a carbon-dioxide rich atmosphere, make squishy circuits, and more.

Virtual Planetarium Show

Blast-off to the outer reaches of the universe, or explore the planets in our own solar system. Discuss current astronomy news and learn about recent discoveries. Each show is live and presenters can modify the program based on interest.

Biology Science Fair Project Ideas | Biology Experiments for School Students

Want to know what is new in the world of Science Fairs, up-to-date information about experiments, topics and ideas, exclusive offers, special sales and announcements of new science fair kits? Enter your email address below and you will be In the know with Super Science Fair Projects!

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These shipping, handling and return policies are for display boards, header boards, science fair buttons, certificates, ribbons, dog tags, medals, pins, folder, title tags trophies and wristbands.

  1. Minimum total order is $50 for headers, title tags, standard ribbons, buttons, medals, wristbands, science folders, certificates, award pins and trophies. Example: You can order a case of headers and title tags that cost $50.00
    Suggestion: If you only need a few items this year, consider ordering a two or three year supply.
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Return Policy for microscopes, microscope slides, skeletons, dental model, and a couple of the science fair prizes

One Year Warranty: The manufacturer warrants each instrument to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. It does not cover damage resulting from abuse or misuse, repairs, or alterations performed by other than authorized repair technicians, or damage occurring in transit.

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If you buy any windmill kit or accessories from, you may return it within 15 days since the day in which you placed your order for a partial refund.

Please contact us first to obtain a RMA and then package up all the parts and mail them back to us in the same condition they were sent in:
Super Science Fair Projects, c/o PicoTurbine International, 930 Newark Avenue Suite 519 Jersey City, NJ 07306

We must receive this within 30 days from the day in which you placed your order for your refund.
Include a short note explaining what you didn’t like about the kit to help us improve.

When we receive the returned item we will reimburse your credit card as quickly as possible after performing an audit to ensure it was returned in the “same condition” sent.

Refunds are for the cost of the materials only we do not refund shipping charges. If any component is defective, you have the option of just returning that component and we will ship you a replacement free of charge.

Note: For all orders over $100.00 we charge a 25% restocking fee.

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This Return Policy Refers to the Following Products
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International Shipments Customs
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Building in 1 Direction: The rods can be connected in-line without the intermediate need of a connector, almost reducing to half the quantity of parts required to build models.

Building in 2 Direction: While the assembled rod looks uniform with nothing protruding, it may provide building directions vertically and sideways by simply snap fitting another rod to one of the bi-directional side cavities. This innovative design allows snap assembly on both sides simultaneously and greatly enhances the expandability of the System.

Building in 3 Directions: The System is capable of tackling with the same ease as all the other building directions. All directions of the 3D space are accessible by combining the rods with the various types of connectors.

Connecting in Fixed Angles: This system makes it possible to build complex models that require connections of 45°

Triangulating: Structures Right angle triangles can easily be created, ideally with side lengths of 15 units. The advantage of the Engino System is that the 2D structure may at any time be converted to 3D without needing any additional connectors. The TEE and ELBOW connectors provide a change in the plane of building without having any elements protruding.

The model may be modified at any time and there is no need to substitute the connectors with different ones. This not only reduces the number of different parts required to make a model but adds to the simplicity and functionality of the System.

Connecting Everywhere: Engino rods can behave as bricks that achieve various lengths. What makes this System different than other building toy systems is that any length is possible with the patent-pending extendable rods.

This amazing feature, when combined with the pivoted joints, can lead to the creation of any triangular shape and construction that were previously inconceivable. The extendable rod replaces the need of numerous other components and maximizes the building capabilities of the System.

Connecting in Every Angle: The potential of the System is unleashed by “cloning” the innovative geometries to pivoted joints. A specialty designed component is free to swing around the pivot part allowing any angle of the 3D space to be created:

  • Expandable at any time, in any direction, in any angle
  • Rods are also connectors
  • All parts snap-fit and stay together
  • Any length is possible
  • Built “big and easy”
  • Simple to use
  • Maximized modification capabilities
  • Low number of different parts
  • Fewer components can build more models
  • Creative and educational

Building Machines: The optimized design of Engino components consists of only 18 different types of multi-functional parts. Yet you can build simple and complex machines. Following the same design principles of the basic system, a range of different types of gears, pulleys, axles and accessories make it the ideal constructional toy for home and school.

Microbiology Return Policy

Requests for returns must be made within 10 days of receipt of order.

Approval for return will be dependent on product condition. Any opened products that are “sterile” cannot be returned. This includes, but is not limited to:

Easygel bottles
Easygel petri dish bags

Product may only be returned upon the approval of the manufacturers, so you must call or email for a Return Authorization Number. Returns made without prior approval, may not be credited or replaced.

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 1-800-296-3650

Returned postage is at user’s expense.

Return Policy for The Young Scientists Club
Returns are not accepted.

Broken or Missing Pieces
If you are missing a piece of a kit or have a broken piece we will gladly send a replacement piece. Call the phone number listed on the back of all boxes.

Return Policy for 3D Periodic Tables

We do not accept returns for these products.

If within 3 days of receiving your periodic table you find that there is a piece missing, let us know and we will send it to you free of charge.

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