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Infectious disease that is characterized by the presence of abundant purulent discharge (discharge) from the urethra in men and vagina and / or urethra in women.

This condition is often preceded by itching (itching) in the urethra and burning urination. In some cases, general symptoms such as fever may occur. In women the symptoms are milder or may be absent (most cases).

Gonococcal Urethritis, Blenorrhagia, Cooking

Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Spontaneous abortion, dead baby delivery, premature birth, low birth weight, postpartum endometritis. Inflammatory Diseases in general.

Sexual intercourse. The risk of transmission is over 90%, ie when having a sexual relationship with a sick partner, the risk of getting infected is about 90%. The fact that there are no symptoms (case of most infected women) does not affect the transmissibility of the disease.

2 to 10 days

Treatment is by antibiotics, but only the doctor can guide. Home remedies are no use. Ashamed to go to the doctor is silly: it only makes things worse.

Since symptoms are not generally clear in women, it is important to consult the gynecologist at least once a year. The partner of a person who has gonorrhea, or any other sexually transmitted disease, should also seek medical attention to check if they have contracted the disease and get appropriate treatment.

Condom. Postcoital hygiene.


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