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9 Interesting Animals You May Never Have Heard Of

9 Interesting Animals You May Never Have Heard Of

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The animal kingdom is really fascinating. There are millions of species of animals on the planet, and many of them we don't even know exist either because they are endangered or far from our eyes.

It is always good to know a little more about these species, how they live, where they can be found and how they behave in nature. Below are 9 very interesting animals that you may have never heard of.

The Forest Giraffe is one of two remaining species of the Giraffidae family, the other being the giraffe. This animal lives in the rainforests of the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo and in 2013 joined the list of endangered species; The main reason is their poaching.

The Proboscis Monkey lives in mangroves, mainly in Indonesia. According to the beliefs of this country, this animal has the mission of "illuminating the ways of humanity, giving examples of character, love for their fellow men and spiritual enlightenment." Its big nose is the one that catches the most attention, besides, they are the most suitable primates for swimming, thanks to the membranes that are between its fingers.

The Saiga is a species of antelope that has a very peculiar flexible nose, which serves to warm the air in winter and prevent the inhalation of dust and sand. It can be found mainly in Asia, but is currently in serious danger of extinction.

Gavial is a rare type of crocodile found mainly in the rivers of India and Nepal, also inhabiting the rivers of Pakistan. This animal has a narrow and elongated muzzle and can measure up to 6 meters long, with super sharp teeth prepared for hunting.

The Falconeri Goat, or Markhor, is an Asian goat living in the western Himalayas. These animals are adapted for mountainous terrain and can be found between 600 and 3600 meters in elevation.

It is one of the largest existing hornbills. They inhabit the jungles and rain forests, both lowland and mountainous. Calaus populations are shrinking rapidly and the main cause is the destruction of their habitat by fire and deforestation.

This very strange-looking marine manatee of the manatee inhabited the tropical regions of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is a large and heavy animal and can reach three meters in length and 500 pounds. Today there are very few Dugongs living mainly in Australia. A feather!

The Loris, despite its melancholy eyes and stuffed animal appearance, is the only poisonous primate in the world and can only be found in Asia. To give you an idea, he can kill an adult man with just one bite. By the way, it is for this and other reasons that there are already movements for the awareness of people not to have the pet as a pet.

The diademmed Sifaka is a species of lemur that is currently endangered. The name "diadem" comes from the arrangement of hair on your head, which looks like a diadem, accessory used in hair.