Meet 9 animals with hideous teeth

Meet 9 animals with hideous teeth

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You are probably afraid of some animals, right? Especially because many of them are known to be very dangerous.

When it comes to what causes panic, some factors are considered as the claws and fangs of some pets that inhabit our planet. Check it out below and tell us: would you face one of these animals head on?

This unfriendly giant is native to Indonesia and often uses these huge teeth to attack, since, as if these fangs were not enough, the darn has teeth inside the mouth, half vampiric. Better not get too close.

No, there are not just tigers with this kind of teething. These deer are native to Eurasia and often use huge teeth to fight males of the same species. Poor guy who buys a fight…

It's not a fisherman's story! This fish, known as a dog or payara, does exist, has these huge teeth - which measure up to 10 cm and remain hidden inside the mouth - and measures over 1 meter. It is found in the Amazon and its attack method is to pierce the organs of its victims before swallowing them completely.

Be careful when feeding the nice birds you find in some rivers in Eurasia, the US and Canada, as this animal lives in these places and, with its 150 sharp microdeeth, can cut several animals in half, as if with a machete.

This 6-meter-long giant animal is already extinct, but used to pose danger in the depths of the ocean as its teething minced its victims quickly.

You may need to take a closer look at this image to understand that we are talking about a whale, also known as a sea unicorn. The animal is considered small in front of other whales, measuring “only” 4 meters. This kind of horn is actually an overdeveloped canine tooth that extends to the animal's forehead. The tooth serves to help in hunting and also to break glaciers.

This not very friendly monkey is the largest of its kind, weighing in at 36 kg, of course, not to mention the fact that its canines can measure up to 5 cm in length - larger than the teeth of adult lions. Despite their frightening teething, they don't usually attack, except when feuding with other males.

Considered the third largest land animal, the hippo can measure over 5 meters and weigh the equivalent of 4 tons! Considering all this size, is it normal that he has the largest canines among the animals on earth, or do you know any other giant beasts like this with 40 cm canines? To give you an idea, this type of animal has the ability to kill two people at once with a single powerful snap.

This seemingly likeable goldfish is known for his great attacks - including divers. Measuring up to 60 cm, pigfish relatives have teeth similar to human teeth and use them to crush coral rocks.