Meiosis II (Second Meiotic Division)

Meiosis II (Second Meiotic Division)

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Prophase II - each of the two daughter cells has only one batch of duplicate chromosomes. In this phase the centrioles duplicate again and the cells in which the library was formed, it begins to disintegrate.

Metaphase II - As in mitosis, the chromosomes are attached by the centromere to the spindle fibers, which depart from both poles.

Anaphase II - There is duplication of the centromeres, only now the sister chromatids separate (remembering mitosis).

Telophase II and cytokinesis - At the end of telophase II the nuclei are reorganized. Cytokinesis separates the four haploid daughter cells, ie, without homologous chromosomes and with half the number of chromosomes relative to the meiosis initiating cell.