Sciences (page 3)

Sciences (page 3)

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The atomic structure of matter
Atomic Models
The Atom Interior
Electric charges and masses
The nucleus of the atom
Representation of atoms
Atomic Similarities
Electrosphere and energy levels
The ions
The periodic table
The current periodic table
Periods and Families
Metals, nonmetals and semimetals
Noble gases
Chemical bonds
Ionic bond
Covalent bond
Metal connection
Matter and its properties
General Properties of Matter
Specific Properties of Matter
Physical States of Matter
Chemical substances
Simple and compound substances
Pure Substances and Mixtures
Solution and solubility
Mixture separation
Metal alloys
Chemical functions
Acid function
Base function (or hydroxide)
Acid-base indicators and pH
Salt function
Oxide function
Chemical reaction
Reagent and products
Mass Conservation Law
Law of Constant Proportions
Chemical equations
Chemical reaction classification
The energy of chemical reactions
The speed of chemical reactions

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